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This is a sci-fi idle tower defense game you have never seen before!

Game Features:
1. Refreshing operation, invincible at your fingertips
2. Easy to hang up, and you can make a lot of money offline
3. Exquisite graphics, sci-fi movie-style immersive experience
4. Build fortresses with impeccable defenses
5. Freely mix skills, it's time to show your talent
6. Multiple map scenes, glaciers, deserts, forests, unpredictable battlefields, waiting for your challenge!
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AMG is an eSports sci-fi Star Wars strategy game.
Construct space station, form your fleet, command hundreds of warships on the same screen, enjoy the war strategy storm!
The e-sports-level fast-paced conquest, attack the star field with dozens of legions in the global service!
Here, there is everything you want!
Universe needs a new ruler, join now and create your empire!
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