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Return to your lost island and explore its scenery!

Merge various materials and items to facilitate the island's development!
Assist the island's residents with specific tasks and problems, filling the island with joy and prosperity!
So, let's start merging! Returning to that once-lost island might not seem appealing,
but why not completely restore it?
Rebuild it from the ground up!
Encounter unique characters, assist them with fun and sometimes odd tasks,
improving their homes and lifestyles.
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Build a world-class luxury hotel with your team and enjoy the endless fun of hotel management and culinary life!
Start writing your hotel empire story now!
Want to become a coveted hotel tycoon and culinary master?
Dive into the Crazy Hotel game, relish the boundless fun of hotel life, and share your hotel empire story with the world.
Collaborate with your team to run more five-star hotels in this bustling city, cooking like a master chef.
This highly addictive time management game promises a thrilling hotel experience.
Welcome to this charming city - a vacation favorite for travelers worldwide.
Now, showcase your professional hotel management talent and enjoy the truly exhilarating hotel culinary life.
Offer car rental, dining, and 24-hour room services;
prepare, cook, and serve delicious meals, fully simulating the real hotel service process.
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